Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off Track—Any Suggestions?

Partially due to the slight, bandaide-requiring injuries my children have sustained today (and not in the least due to the inordinate amount of time I have spent blogging this particular morning), we are off track for the day.  The kids are grumpy (due to aforementioned injuries) and asking for a movie.  I am not planning to give in to that request right now (we do a movie at the end of the day most days), but I'm not sure I should try to do my main lesson right now either since it requires a little attention from the kids.

How do you get back on track when a homeschooling day gets off-kilter?  Do you plunge ahead with the lesson (I have found this to snap us all out of our funk some days).  Do you try to get to everything in as you'd planned?  What works for you?  What absolutely is the worst idea ever?


  1. This same thing happened to me today. The day is half over and our school area is a mess. I have so much to do that isn't related to school and yet, school still needs to happen. I would probably try to pare down the day to the absolute essentials. For us, that's Bible, Reading, and Math. Follow that up with a movie so mom can have time to catch up.

  2. I let it go and pull out books. You can never go wrong with reading a good book. Then we start again the next day.

    I agree with Genevieve. We start with prayer and Bible study, then math, then reading. I have always said that as long as I can get those things in we're home free.


  3. Thank you both. Those are good suggestions. And they make me realize that I need to prioritize our school day a little better.


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