Friday, May 7, 2010


In my recent post on Simplicity, I mentioned my desire to create a space for myself, which I figured would also do nicely as a nursing nest once Baby makes his or her appearance. It came together in a fairly simple fashion--appropriate, don't you think? I only moved one small piece of furniture. (I'd had visions of relocating a medium-sized chest of basket drawers, but that proved unnecessary.)

The icon I choose is a favorite of mine that used to reside in my kitchen: She is the Mother of God, Nurturer of Life. I picked it up at St. Tikhon's bookstore during our stay in Pennsylvania last year while my husband was completing his seminary education there. If you look closely, you'll notice she's nursing Christ. My little ones really relate to this icon.

Within easy reaching distance, I placed a basket stocked with prayer books, a non-fiction (but gripping) mystery novel, a homeschooling title, and a favorite homemaking read. A bottle of air freshening spray was added to combat the effects of the unfortunately located catbox behind my chair. Our apartment is small, and I can't come up with a better place for it.

I relocated a plant to the window sill, figuring some greenery would be pleasant here, since I will undoubtedly spend countless hours in this chair.

As with my first two, I plan to do as little as possible outside of my home for the first six weeks (or thereabouts) after Baby is born. My doctor encourages this practice, but it also has root in the tradition of the Orthodox church. It is a beautiful time to bond with Baby, establish your nursing relationship, let your body heal, and let Baby begin to acclimate to life ex utero. It also gives the older ones some time to adjust to a new member of the family. Most of all, it encourages Mom to rest and regain her strength. The church blesses this time away and gives it a joyous end in the service of Churching the Mother and Child.

Lots of pillows, a coaster, and a footstool complete my nest. I've been using it daily already. While I had nursing in the back of my mind when I set to work on it, I didn't undertake the project with that solely in mind.

I have noticed that a busy homemaker often needs encouragement to sit down and rest--and to do so away from the computer--to recharge her batteries and actually enjoy the fruit of her labors in her home. Many of the living rooms I have cleaned for my family in the past few years rarely saw me taking advantage of their comforts. However, this spot has been calling my name since I completed it. That it will serve as an appealing and functional nursing nest for my little ones and myself is a nice side benefit.


  1. What a sweet time this is for you all! I have beautiful memories of nursing my girls and that wonderful forty days after childbirth. (They have good memories too because I nursed all three until they were two years old. They mention nursing every now and again with sweet nostalgia.) I have to really encourage some younger mothers in our parish to take this time. It is so precious and a time that quickly passes.

    I am looking forward to hearing about your new baby. Prayers for a healthy and quick delivery for mama and baby!

    I also love your blogs! Thanks for taking the time.


  2. Thank you for your prayers and comments! You can be sure I'll be posting about our new one when he or she arrives!

    I have been blessed to have my Mom available to help out during the forty days after birth with all of my kids so far. It is a wonderful time of rest for Mom. :)



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