Sunday, August 3, 2008

Move Along

If there are any readers of this blog left, you probably already know from other sources that we are moving to NE PA (northeastern Pennsylvania), and the date is fast approaching! We drive out of Chicago on the 9th of August and will arrive (after a few stops) in the Scranton area (no, I have not seen The Office) on the 12th. We have an apartment waiting for us, Andrew will be attending seminary at St. Tikhon's, and we'll have the monastery community and a new church in Wilkes-Barre to adjust to. It should be an interesting adventure!

In blog-related news, we were given a new camera by my parents for all of our birthdays this summer. So, we should be better at updating this thing -- especially since we will be so far from so many friends.

Here are a few recent shots -- many are from a tiny birthday party we had for our family's birthdays since we'd be moving when most of them occurred.

Gramma Baum with Susannah

Looking for kitties

Birthday gifts with friends, Sofie and Delaina

A birthday card for Maggie

Susannah with Delaina and Clifton

No, it's not a cigar... it's a wooden teething toy/rattle....

Singing Happy Birthday... notice Maggie is hiding (just like her Daddy used to do)

Sorry, Hal. I couldn't resist putting this up here.

Get your own.

It's empty, I swear.
(OK, so now this post contains photos that make it look like I let my 11-month-old smoke and drink....)

Decorations made by a friend

Susannah loves being able to get around on her own

Maggie being cute
(These are small because I wasn't paying attention, and then was too lazy to change it!)

Sleepy babies just waking up in the morning

Andy's test photo... containing our family motto

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