Monday, May 31, 2010

Home Alone

Once again, I'm on my couch with my swollen feet up.  I don't really think it helps relieve the swelling, but it does put less pressure on the already swollen. 

My due date is this Thursday.  Hard to believe it's almost time.  Any time now, I could be having this baby.  I wonder how life with change with another child in this home.

If I did Daybook posts, I'd have fun with the "Outside my window..." prompt today.  Dark clouds.  Rain and wind.  And my family out in it.

My husband, daughters, my brother, and my parents are off to visit a cemetery in the city where we have great-great-grand parents buried.  Andrew plans to say some prayers at the graves and scatter some bay leaves from Holy Saturday.  I've always wanted to see the site myself, but I've been up in the middle of the night with a sick two-year-old two nights in a row now, and I need some rest.  I instructed my husband to take pictures.  Although, with the aforementioned weather, I question whether they will even get out of the car.

The two-year-old insisted on going along with the outing despite being a bit feverish.  My Dad convinced me that there really wasn't any reason to keep her home when she'll just be on a family outing and being held there instead of at home, so I let her go, happy to have some quiet time to myself here and not to have to deny her the car trip with Grandpa and Grandma.  Why do kids get such a kick out of riding in other peoples' cars?

My coffee is lukewarm.  A perpetual occurrence in my life.  Brew.  Sip.  Interruption.  Microwave.  Sip.  Forget to drink any more because microwaved doesn't really taste that good.  Rediscover mug.  Microwave.  Sip.  Blech.  Microwaved coffee.  Forget....  But having that mug sitting around unfinished brings me some kind of odd sense of comfort.  Like I could sit down at any time, pull out something I wanted to read or work on and sip my coffee in peace.  I think in the scenario, though, I expect it to taste hot and freshly brewed.

I don't really have anything profound to say in this post, so I think I'll stop here and work on some of the other posts that have been brewing (still thinking about that coffee, I think) in my mind for the last couple of days.  Then I'll have to find something to make the crew for lunch when they return from their wet excursion.  And finally, my sickie and I will take a nap.  :)


  1. I can relate to the coffee scenario. :) And while you don't think you have anything to say, it is nice to hear that you are well, aside from the edema. By the way, I did find that excessive amounts of protein, so much that I don't know whether downing another egg or swollen legs are worse, really helps the edema (in my experience anyway). Hoping you get better rest tonight.

  2. Yes, my doctor has been hounding me about the protein. The other thing I find helps to reduce the swelling quickly is wearing my lace-up tennis shoes to put extra pressure on the tissues. But that's not a real solution. :)

  3. At least the edema problem has an end in sight! I always swelled up terribly the last week or two. Then I lost the whole thing within 24 hours of having the baby. It always grossed me out to look at my ankles hanging over my shoes. Yuck!

    Glad you got a rest.


  4. I know, Matushka, which is why I have so little motivation to actually try to make it better. I'm due on Thursday! But yes, it is seriously gross, not to mention uncomfortable when it gets bad.

  5. It's almost Thursday here and we are thinking of your family. Praying that all goes well for you.

    Alicia in New Zealand

  6. Thanks, Alicia! I was trying to will myself into labor this morning because I'm so uncomfortable (been measuring 41 cm for the past three weeks!) but no luck! :)

    Will be sure to post when I it's really here!

  7. At the end of my pregnancy with our third, my family and friends jokingly called me Shrek or the Michelin Man- that is how swollen I was. It was so uncomfortable! I hope that you are able to rest those swollen ankles every day!

    Unfortunately, it took me over a month to get back into my shoes after having the baby. I hope your swelling goes down faster than that.

  8. Michelle, my pregnancy with my first was the worst in this department! My feet were in so much pain from the swelling that I was sleeping with ice packs on my feet. I know a little more about managing it now, thank God!


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