Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Justified Computer Time

Since my ankles are swelling into small tree trunks, and my doctor told me to eat more protein and put my feet up, I have downed a hard boiled egg, and am now resting on my couch, with feet elevated, looking forward to playing with my Cycles of Grace Notebooks and some blog posts.  I am able to sit back and enjoy this break because I have most of my personal Morning Routine done (showered, dressed, kitchen cleaned...), the girls and I said our prayers, and we played a board game together--that was definitely their Math lesson for the week.

I have 9 more days until my due date.  When I was this pregnant with Maggie--well, I wasn't pregnant any more!  I'd had her early in the morning, 10 days before she was due.  Susannah, however, came four days late.  I had a prenatal yesterday, and I wasn't dilated at all--so, really, I know nothing!  I am still apprehensive of the pain of labor, but I am ready to meet my baby and get over being pregnant already!

I'm glad that labor is something I have no control over.  Since I can't do anything about it, I am less tempted to worry about it.  It will come when it comes, and I will get through it by the grace of God.


  1. The perfect excuse!

    (I have no excuse!)


  2. I found that dilation before labor meant very little by the time I was pregnant with #3. All those little signs are more indicative of first time mothers. Those of us, like you and me, who have had multiple babies can go from nothing to labor in a matter of hours. ;)

    Enjoy your time with your feet up.

  3. Can I go through labor and be done with it in a matter of hours too? That's what I'd REALLY like. :)

  4. It's been known to happen. My prayer is that yours goes quickly and smoothly.


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