Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Multitude Monday

My priest has asked me on a few occasions...
"What if God took away everything for which you had never given thanks?"

I would be left with precious little.

A little late, as is my nature...

holy experience

31. a baby who sometimes falls asleep on his own

32. children who want to learn (in spite of my failings)

33. children who play such creative games

34. children who scream bloody murder (yes, I must will myself to be thankful even then)

35. a dirty kitchen because we have had food to eat

36. a dirty house because we have a roof over our heads

37. dirty laundry because we have clothes to wear and have done interesting things that result in dirt 

[Can you tell what is getting under my skin this week?]

38. a relatively healthy family

39. the ability to change myself and the way I think about tasks

40. life

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