Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Multitude Monday

A day late.  I know.  I'm always late, so it fits, I suppose.

I need this—to be thankful.  It will keep me silent (no link there just yet, but I'm working on it) more often.  What a good way to begin the week, the season of school, the year.

I'm beginning this list on a Friday.  A Friday full of failures.  Failure Friday?

Just kidding.

I think.

I've had Ann Voskamp's blog up on my browser just to hear her playlist of piano music.  I really, really don't usually go for music so... "inspirational."

But it's calming, and I like it.

And her focus on gratitude is inspiring.  My spiritual father has prescribed gratitude for a number of spiritual ailments.  I never seem to take him seriously.  At least, I do not act on the impulse for long.

Maybe here?

holy experience

Counting up to One Thousand Gifts:

1. cool, wet-smelling wind through the windows on a gray day after days of humidity, heat, and air conditioning

2. my 3-month-old son's cry

3. my son putting himself to sleep after some relatively short-lived crying

4. my girls in their room playing together

5. getting something, anything, done today (it wasn't the planned lesson, but we did manage to read our a few books about Moses in preparation for his feast day)

6. potty-trained children

7. food to feed my family

8. my husband grocery shopping for said food

9. baby yawn

10. short, freshly cut three-year-old bangs


  1. Beautiful, Sh. Patty. And I don't usually go for "inspirational" stuff either, but I do like her blog. It's very real.

  2. I really enjoy her writing style. When I read the titles, I tend to think it sounds a little sappy, but I agree: Everything she has to say is so real. I've pre-ordered her book for myself and some others for Christmas gifts already. :)


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