Monday, September 13, 2010

Maggie's Take on Boys' Toys

A lunchtime conversation with Maggie, referring to her brother:

"Mom, we should buy a lot a lot a lot of Darth Vader toys for him."


"Because boys play with bad toys!  And we can share our dinosaurs with him!"


  1. She's pretty much got them pegged!

    Also invest in a little phelonion and a censor. Trust me.

  2. I'm sure Grandma would just LOVE to make a set to Daddy's one day. :)

    We already have Maggie roaming the house "chanting" from a little Bible. Various princesses usually make it into the story. Sometimes, even Jesus gets a mention! Actually, she's pretty on with that "Gospel-reading" tone!

  3. That should say "set to MATCH Daddy's."

    My Mac eats words. Sometimes whole paragraphs too. Sigh.


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