Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cooling Off? Here Come the Germs!

Am I a pessimistic Mom if every time my kids cough, I assume I may need to grab a bucket?  Last Winter was an absolute illness-nightmare for our family.  I swear nearly every week, someone was coming down with a new illness.  I sincerely hope we don't do that this year, but I'm sort of expecting it.  If it doesn't happen, I'll be pleasantly surprised.

Here's a handy article on what to do with a passel of sick kids over at Se7en's blog.

But I promise this doesn't mean we are sick at this moment.  Isn't Summer glorious that way?


  1. We had the same experience last winter. It was non-stop! It literally started with my delivering the baby and coming home with a cold from the hospital. Then we just kept fighting colds all the way until the summer. I really hope it doesn't happen again!

    I'm going to check out that article now.

  2. We had everything from colds to flu to stomach bugs. It was nuts. I REALLY hope that every winter with kids is NOT like that one!


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