Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Lovely Blog

Thanks to Mat. Anna for bestowing this award on my little blog!  I will second the award going to her blog as well as pass on the love (in no particular order) for a few of the places I find myself checking regularly and which are particularly lovely, thought provoking, and otherwise interesting:

    Well, I wasn't necessarily going for 15, but since that's the recommendation and I am over,  I'll stop now and attend to my children! (My apologies for not notifying each of you in some way, but if I did that I'm afraid the time it would take from my children would result in my house no longer being left standing.)

    For those so inclined, here are the (obligation free!) rules to accompany this award:

    1.) Post award on your blog
    2.) Thank the blogger who sent it to you
    3.) Award 15 other bloggers this Lovely award
    4.) Tell them all you think their blog is Lovely


    1. Sh. Patty, Thank you!!! I appreciate your love for me :) I love your blog too! I love your honesty, your clear love for your children and wanting to be there for them and your love for things of God. Blessings on your day!

    2. You're welcome, Elizabeth! I love your interesting writing style—so poetic. And your photos are always beautiful.

    3. Thank you Patty! Your acknowledgement of my little corner of the web has helped inspire me to whip my blog into a bit of shape. :) I went ahead and posted the award and listed some other lovely blogs as well:


      Happy to know I have a reader in you, just as you have in me!

      PS: I miss standing w/ your girls in the STS Monastery Church, especially Maggie... not too many kids feel comfortable climbing all over me, and I miss it to be perfectly honest. :) Tell her so if you can, if you think she might remember me. (Perhaps my photos on FB might help jog her memory?)

    4. There are several reasons that it would have been nice to spend longer at St. Tikhon's and getting to spend more time with you would be one of them! I'll do my best to jog Maggie's memory. :)

    5. I'm a little late, but thanks for adding me to your list :) I just love reading your blog and watching your family grow.


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