Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Holy Hesitation

We yield all too easily to what we think we know and do not hesitate sufficiently before what we do not know.  That hesitation is often a moment of faithfulness or, at least, the moment in which faith can be born. The content of the Orthodox Christian faith is not an argument, it is not something to be compared to other things that we can say, "This is better!"  It is the continual life of God lived and known by his people, who through the ages, when confronted by manifold opportunities for more convenient options have been able to say, "and yet...."  When pressed by their enemies even to the point of torture and death, they have affirmed, "Nevertheless!" and in so doing have preserved the knowledge of the true and living God and kept intact the treasure of tradition that is nothing other than that true knowledge.  May God give us all such holy hesitation.  Glory to God!

~From Fr. Stephen Freeman's Glory to God podcast at Ancient Faith Radio.  Listen to the beginning of this episode here (choose "Knowing What We Do Not Know").

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