Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Stick It to the Fashion Industry

So, here's my favorite maternity clothes trick for this pregnancy.  Go to the sales racks and find some incredibly discounted tube dresses with a large elastic top to fit over the chest area.  Something like this:

These would be strapless, fairly short, and definitely immodest if worn as intended. However, if the chest band is worn around your burgeoning belly, it becomes a modest skirt that will see you through the early weeks of pregnancy, the ginormous weeks toward the end, and back down through the postpartum period.  Enjoy!


  1. LOL!!!

    You had me going there for a moment! I really thought you were advocating these dresses as maternity dresses!


  2. That's a great idea :) I have a maternity skirt that my mom got me from the GAP and it is basically that same idea. I've even worn it around the house as a dress pulled up over my chest. So comfortable!

  3. I actually didn't buy them with maternity in mind. I just got a few thinking that they'd make nice skirts and then when I got pregnant it dawned on me that they essentially had a maternity panel. :)


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