Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Trusty Timer

No matter what I think of a few of the aspects of FlyLady's method, I owe my changed way of thinking about housekeeping to her.  BF (before FlyLady), the state of my house and my person at this moment (fairly messy, both of us) would have quickly overwhelmed and paralyzed me.

I've fallen into some habits with the computer and fallen out of many good routines with my housekeeping—natural for someone with a newborn.  But it's time to take back my house and jump back into my life (or well, at least slide back in, shall we?) and I know exactly what to do.

First, I pull out my trusty timer.  (OK, well, in reality, first I blog about pulling out my timer, but you get the idea.)  Next, I pretend I'm starting my day (which isn't a huge stretch, considering I'm still in my pajamas).  And I go from there.

I don't have to rewrite my routines.  I have some very good ones written down already.  I just need to get up and do them.  My timer will help me know when to take breaks (from playing on the computer as well as from cleaning), as will my little one-month-old son.

I don't know who wrote that other post, but I certainly don't think I need to worry about being "too productive."  John must have been taking a really long nap or something.  Allons-y!

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  1. Nice! Yeah, FL has helped lots of mothers I think :)...


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