Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ever Nursed a Toddler?

An adorable video:


  1. Too cute! I loved it! Especially the person sitting at the table eating with the blanket on their head.

    I don't know why people get so hung up on nursing in public. Based on comments I read and heard from people who didn't like it, I would say that THEY are the ones who have some issues, not the nursing mothers.

  2. I've never been able to figure out the blanket thing. I'm getting good at nursing in a sling, but this is only now with #3! And once he's a pro at latching on, I probably won't bother with that since you can't see much as the baby gets bigger anyway.

    I always feel that the more people SEE women nursing, the less weird it will become.

    The other thing about nursing that I don't get is always talking about it in terms of "food." I mean, take every interaction (speaking, hugs, food, playing, etc) that older people experience and roll it into one, and I think you get some idea of what breastfeeding is to a baby or toddler. Taking that away in public is like expecting a bottlefed child not to use a sippy cup or bottle, not play with a toy, not have any human contact, not hold his lovie... etc. Add to it that "public" is usually a stressful environment for the child and you have a recipe for disaster!

  3. Great video! I'm almost 6 months in with nursing my first and I can't imagine weaning anytime soon. Actually, the thought of weaning at all seems kind of strange at this point though I know it is inevitable at some point.

    The first three months I had issues with oversupply which made things very soggy, so we're only now really getting experienced with nursing in public. I still can't guarantee that I won't end up spraying if she pulls off unexpectedly, so it's always something I approach with caution for my own sake. :-/

    Oh,I found your blog through Matushka Anna's and I've been enjoying reading your posts. Congrats on your wee one.

  4. Patty,

    I used blankets a lot of times, but I found that the more children I had, the less inclined I was to use them. For one thing, I got more experienced so I wasn't so worried about exposing myself. For another, I was less uptight about a little accidental skin. I was always more self-conscious when I had a newborn who was still needing a little help latching on properly. You really need to be able to see what you're doing. After it's automatic (for the baby), I could "do it in the dark" so to speak.

    Babies always pulled the blankets off and I felt cruel in warm weather. I saw some neat nursing covers on The Modest Mom that have a little velcro-ended strap that you fasten around your neck. It's like a little cape. You can still look straight down and see the baby through the "neck hole" because it's not at all tight. The baby gets more air and can still see you too. Plus, it's secure so little hands can't yank it off. I've never tried one (just saw it a month or so ago!) but it looks really easy to use and convenient.

  5. Matushka,

    I'm honestly not bothered in the slightest if I happen to flash someone or show a little belly skin as baby is coming on or off. I do worry about offending someone since I hate having anyone upset with me—but I can't really live my life like that, can I?

    And after they don't need any help, I DO do it in the dark—at night! LOL. :)

  6. Sarah,

    My high-needs child didn't wean until she was almost 5 and that was with lots of "suggesting." You probably won't have to worry about it for a while! :) My first and I had a lot of latch problems for the first 3 months or more, so I know what you mean about taking a while to venture out. I always felt like I needed three hands to nurse my first during those first months, and that didn't include a hand for doing it under a blanket! That's probably why I never got the hang of that. :)

  7. I watched part of a Little House on the Prairie episode and laughed when Ma was feeding the baby with a bottle.

  8. This is so cute! I nursed all three girls until they were two. I'm so thankful I did that.

    Hope you are all doing well!


  9. LOL, Magda. Not sure I would have caught that, but that's too funny!

    Mat. Michelle, yes, we are well, thanks! I seriously have no idea what I would do with an ill child under the age of two (make that three) who wasn't nursing. Actually, I have no idea how I'd put one to sleep every night either, but I'm sure I'd figure something out in that department. :)

    If church people complain to my doctor (who is Orthodox) about nursing (especially in church) or ask about when a kid should stop nursing, he always replies with, "How long did Mary nurse Jesus?" And he goes on to say that in that time period the custom was to have a weaning ceremony around 4 or 5 years old.

  10. Hi Patty,
    I'm really enjoying your blog. This post reminds me of my first interaction with your family. I was awkwardly nursing a very new Basil and your eldest entered the nursery. She said, "Is your baby having some milk?" I said yes. She said, "Yeah, my baby needs some milk too." And proceeded to lift her entire dress to nurse her dolly. Perhaps breastfeeding will be normalized for the next generation?

  11. Really, Elizabeth? That's adorable and hilarious, and I would expect nothing less from Maggie. I had no idea that was your first interaction with us. My kids not only play nursing, they also now play "giving birth." I sure HOPE these things will be normal for them!

  12. I love this!

    I just tried to nurse Bunky with a blanket semi-covering him because my 60-something uncle was in the room. I try to at least be decent when older men are in the room. However, Bunky had his own plans... He just kept pulling the blanket off and I eventually gave up.

    I have a Hooter Hider/Bebe Au Lait nursing cover which worked great for a while. But now that he is mobile and stubborn, he wants nothing to do with the cover. Blankets are the second best option just to cover my ugly belly if need be, but i don't worry so much about covering the top because won't let me if I try :) My older kiddos weaned around year old, but I don't see Bunky doing that. He's almost one and there is no end in sight. He still nurses many times a day and night... :)

  13. Michelle, mine are all the same way. As they get to be Bunky's age, though, I really don't think much shows on top if I'm paying attention to keeping my shirt pulled down (which isn't always easy, is it?).

    For my belly, I continue to use Bella Bands. Did you ever get those during pregnancies? They're a spandex type material and are a "tube top" for your belly. They look like an undershirt peeking out from under your clothes. I wish I could use some kind of nursing tank, but they never go high enough to cover on top. I end up wearing an outer shirt that goes with my outfit, a tank to cover my cleavage, a Bella Band to cover my belly and of course a bra. It's a lot of layers!

    I used to nurse in front of anyone. Now, if I know it makes a male friend who is visiting uncomfortable, I'll occasionally do it elsewhere, but in public, I just do it as needed. I figure it makes less disruption than letting the baby cry until I'm able to leave, not to mention the disruption caused by the actual leaving with three in tow!

  14. I've heard about Bella Bands, but I don't own any. Maybe I should invest in some. I do have a few tank tops with low necklines that I can just pull down (under another shirt) and that will cover both my top and bottom. That works well, but then that tank top only serves that purpose because it gets completely stretched out.


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