Monday, July 12, 2010


I'm coming to the end of my 40 Days.  I had sort of intended to go back to church yesterday, but when it came down to it on Saturday afternoon, I didn't know where my clothes that fit and are presentable for church were, I hadn't laundered or picked clothes for either my baby or my older girls, I didn't really think we (I) could handle being out all day for church and then a wedding and reception on my first Sunday back, and my husband was away at a wedding rehearsal and couldn't help me if I'd wanted to tackle all these preparations just the night before.  Add to all of those things that my lochial bleeding seemed a wee bit worse this weekend and I'd really like it to stop already, since it really is almost gone!  (Sorry if that's TMI.)

So, since 40 days for me would be about Thursday this week, I decided to wait until next Sunday.  My parents will be in town anyway for my Dad's and sister's birthdays. (Chicago is a good converging point for everyone—aren't we lucky that we don't have to travel!)  I know they'll be happy to see (and help with) the Churching.

Anyway, I'm coming around to the point of this post (really!).  I wrote up a list of preparations I'd (ideally) like to finish this week before Sunday so that the day goes smoothly.  I thought I'd share it with you all since I know there are a few people who have just had babies recently:

Feel free to download, print, share, or whatever.

We'll see how much of this I do.  I really was brainstorming as much as I could think of so I know exactly what I'm leaving out if I don't do all of it instead of just forgetting to do something important while I instead focus on laundry or something that may not be as ultimately important.  Wish me luck!


  1. I *love* your list. So practical!

  2. praying that all will go well next week! :)

  3. So, aside from internet-based pixels, we'll finally be able to see the little tyke in person! Oh, and you to, diaconissa!

    (for something completely unrelated: why is "mange" the word verification for this particular comment?)

  4. I am under no illusion that anyone wants to see ME. Ever since the development of that first baby bump containing Maggie, *I* have been out of the picture. ;) And I am sure you are impatient to meet your godson!

    And hey, at least you got a WORD for your so-called "word verification." Mine this time is "nalygor." Sounds like some kind of Dr. Who alien.

  5. I definitely didn't plan anything like that when I had my third. Good for you. :) I loved the photos of your churching on facebook.

  6. Michelle, once again, I was inspired by Mary@evlogia's idea to make the lists that she is always making things that she keeps and doesn't have to make again. I had a Baby "control journal" from my second from which I just typed out a lot of info. But that one didn't have much of a postpartum section. This one will have a few suggested daily schedules (which I of course NEVER stick to), some simplified menus (when I'm done tweaking them), and some lists like this one. Isn't it amazing how a totally unorganized person like myself can APPEAR organized by typing something out on pretty paper?

  7. I think typing things out in an attractive way helps me get things done. I need a physical list to remind me what i need to do, or else I will completely forget.


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