Thursday, December 2, 2010

Kursk Root Icon in Chicago

I was first made dimly aware of this icon by Mat. Anna's recent post in honor of its feast day on November 27.

I say dimly, because I didn't think about it much until a few connections were made in my brain through various people and I realized that this icon is in Chicago.

My husband was planning to attend a Synergy meeting tonight, which happened to be at the ROCOR Holy Virgin Protection Cathedral in Des Plains, which also happens to be the current stop for the Kursk Root icon.

The Synergy group was blessed to be able to view and venerate this holy icon.

Dn. Andrew and two priests spent some time trying to discern the names of the prophets depicted around the Theotokos.   King David and King Solomon are the top left and top right, respectively.  Isaiah, Moses, Habakkuk, Elias, Jeremiah, Daniel, and Gideon are the rest of them, but we don't remember who is who.

Can you believe that this icon is over 800 years old?  And yet this icon is not buried in a museum but is allowed to travel and the faithful are able to venerate it.  What a blessing!

(Thanks to Michele for the last two pictures!)


  1. Patty, Fr. Andre at the cathedral told us that there have been healings here in Chicago from the Kursk Root icon. This icon also healed St. Seraphim of Sarov as a child.


  2. I knew about St. Seraphim, but not about the local healings. It's just incredible that with its history, this icon is available to the public!

  3. I really should have posted a picture of the icon with the riza too - it would be more recognizable! How wonderful you were able to go venerate it! (Or was that just your husband?) Boy, you lucky people in Chicago!

  4. that is such a blessing; I hope for the honour of meeting this icon one day as well! The Mother of God is so good and loving to us...

  5. Sadly, just my husband. Evening, kids, and long Chicago car rides don't mix (for us) very well or very often. But I had him take pictures for me!

    Any time you guys want to take in the wonders of "Chicagoland," just let me know!


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