Friday, December 10, 2010

I'm really going to do it!

Since Mat. Anna keeps making it look so darn easy, I went here and ordered a bunch of supplies.  I will start felt ornaments for my Jesse Tree!

I have felt, embroidery floss, needles, assorted ribbons and buttons in the mail and it was only around $60 for the whole shebang.  While I have sewing-machine phobia, I've always sort of enjoyed mending seams and sewing on buttons by hand.  I'd love to have a hand project going here and there.  Maybe by next year we'll have some real ornaments for our Jesse/Advent/Whatchamacallit Tree.

So excited!


  1. You're too funny! I'm going to have some sewing converts out there...

    I bet you were able to get felt in a lot more colors than black, brown, white, red and green. That's the downside of only having Walmart for a source. (Unless I want to drive an hour and a half.)

  2. I can't wait to see the final product. I just leaned about a Jesse Tree this year and LOVE the idea.

  3. Mat. Anna, I love to order online! I hate shopping in Chicago (with three kids five and under!)!

    Laura, I will be sure to post the progress. :)

  4. Do you start Advent/St Phillip's Fast on November 15th? We do a Jesse Tree, but the one I use doesn't start until November 30th- my project for 2011 is to plan an Eastern Christian Jesse tree

  5. Yes, we start on Nov. 15. We use a funky version of the Western Jesse Tree that we have added to ourselves. We added an Advent wreath (and do those readings on Sundays), then we added some saints' days that fall during the season that are special to our family. We've been tweaking it this year. If it's ready for next year, I'll share. I certainly won't boast that it's the simplest thing out there, though.

    There IS a 52 (?) day Jesse Tree already worked out for us Eastern types (and it includes readings through Theophany), though. I belong to a Facebook group that is working on a piecemeal ornament exchange. All the resources and readings are listed over there. If you're on FB, I'll see if I can have you added to the group, if you'd like.


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