Thursday, October 8, 2009

Big Helpers, Big Sweaters, Big Eyes

The girls earned some extra movie time this morning for helping me clean up the house a little. (Of course, as any Mom of preschoolers knows, the movie serves the purpose of allowing Mom to really clean up the house without interruption.) Don't worry--it's School House Rock, so it's educational.

We've also been sporting our sweaters lately as we keep the heat (and hopefully the gas bill) low. This giant one that Susannah is wearing is a hand-me-down from Maggie that I just love. It's supposed to be this big. Her eyes, however, are just naturally that big.

365.8: Big Eyes


  1. What a doll. I think sweaters are one of the top 5 best things about fall! In winter, they're about the only good thing.

  2. She's so pretty. I'm enjoying the new posts Patty!


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