Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Staying with Friends in Quincy

A couple of weeks ago, we and a couple of other families from Chicago traveled southwest in Illinois (Andy: "Good, I finally get to see the rest of the state."), past our state's capitol (Andy: "I think I saw a gold dome!"), to the home of The Cheese People. A hour or so away from Quincy, we stopped for lunch with a friend of mine who I'd met online through a Yahoo Group. We had a great time meeting in person, and I'm sorry we didn't think to take a picture together! Laura, thanks for meeting us!

On to the Quincy photos!

Dad, even though nearly all of us congregating in Quincy were or are "in the business" we still don't always slice the cheese straight. But at least we're capable of doing so if necessary.

Maggie and friend Josephine in an obligatory co-bathing shot.

Sunday, we had the privilege of visiting St. Raphael Mission. They have a lovely storefront church and were very welcoming to us and the multitude of children we brought with us.

A matinée presentation of some children's classic, complete with popcorn, followed church. (From left to right: Evalina, Sonia, Maggie, Josie)

Maggie made good use of the available art supplies.

The littlest Hanchett, Gabriella.

Our hostess, Sarah, giving Josie a goodbye hug.

Thanks for a lovely weekend, Hanchetts!

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