Saturday, March 1, 2008

Ohio Visit Part I

Forgive me for how long it has taken to post these photos and memories!
Back at the end of January we traveled to Ohio for Cousin Laurel's baptism. We actually don't have photos of the baptism itself (I always forget to take out my camera until the end of a trip), but we had a lot of fun on Monday that I managed to photograph.

We began the day at a coffee shop (The Coffee Ward) where they had kid-sized recliners that Maggie loved.

We had the idea that we might be able to get all four kids to smile simultaneously and capture it on film.

It was slightly easier to get both Laurel and Susannah to at least look pleasant at the same time. Of course, this was facilitated by Laurel falling asleep mid shoot.

This photo turned out pretty cute.

Next we visited the graveyard where the Fairfield County Kishler Patriarchs are buried (they are the first two of seven generations of Kishlers to have lived in this area, I think).

John Kishler. 1769 - 1843

Christine Kishler

Mary Kishler

Daniel Kishler

Notice the tree growing into these tombstones. I wish I'd gotten a photo of it from farther away. Anyway, I'll continue in the next post, because I'm afraid of losing any more photos into Blogger Never-Never Land (as has happened many times with this post).

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