Monday, March 31, 2008

Catching Up

The kids are both sleeping (and Mommy managed to get in a little nap and then sneak away!) so I am going to try to get us caught up. On a related note, our updates may need to pause for a while because I just tried to turn on our camera and nothing happened. I replaced the batteries to no avail. We have been using a digital camera donated by Andy's Uncle Dave and Aunt Patsy at I think my first Thanksgiving with the Kishlers, and it may have retired!

This must be just after awakening because Maggie is in her "kity 'jamas" and she's got a great smile. Ok, so that means it must be several hours after awakening because Maggie never smiles just after awakening. I must also point out "Maggie's George" as Maggie calls him, who Maggie just very excitedly noticed in this picture.

Susannah has a pretty smile too.

"I'm so cute."

Susannah loves to bounce in her seat suspended from the door frame, and Maggie likes to entertain her while she's in it. As long as Maggie isn't grabbing the straps and violently pushing her to narrowly miss the walls in the hallway, this is a good thing.

Maggie reading from her prayer book to Susannah.

"I know I'm cute."
P.S. This "pink doggie dress" is Maggie's absolute favorite. She would wear it for days on end if we let her, and it is always her first choice when I ask her what she wants to wear. Most days, I have to tell her it's dirty, to which she replies, "I'll wash it."

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  1. Holy cow, your girls are huge! They grow so fast. It makes me realize how long I've lived in Chicago because Maggie was just born when I moved here.

    They're super cute. :)


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