Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Seafood Jambalaya

I love Trader Joes. They should pay me to advertize. Anyway, since Susannah's birth, I've given myself permission to make "easy meals." No more "everything from scratch" attitude. However, I still don't like eating food that isn't food (ie., has a lot of extra non-food ingredients). Enter Trader Joes. They have convenience foods (a term I prefer over "processed food" since theirs aren't) that taste like food. Food that I would make. So, I'd like to share some of my creations. Some recipes are inspired by the store's flyers, but I usually tweak them.

Seafood Jambalaya
Serves 3 to 4

2 packets (envelope?) Veggie Jambalaya (not refridgerated or frozen)
1 bag frozen seafood mix or (if you're not that
adventurous) 1 bag frozen shrimp (uncooked)

Mainly, just follow the instructions on the bags for both of these and combine, but here's some more details than that.

Heat Veggie Jambalaya in microwave as per instructions on back. Defrost shrimp or seafood mix under warm running water. Heat a little oil in a skillet and then cook until almost done (just as shrimp are beginning to look firm and slightly pink) then add Jambalaya to skillet. Stir frequently until all heated through and shrimp is done.

I served with a can of heated TJs Cuban Black Beans (with a handful of frozen mixed veggies added) and some other cooked-from-frozen veggies. This is slightly spicy and very tasty!

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