Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Now that we have two kids, I've decided we need to enter the "blogosphere" to keep our family and friends abreast of their cuteness. Additionally, I may add some ramblings about life at home with these gems, or just life in general. Since so much of my day revolves around my babies, though, I doubt we'll stray far from the title subjects. Here's a test photo:

Magdalena Elizabeth (Maggie) is nearly two and a half years old (born July 24, 2005), and Susannah Ruth (Susannah) is about three months (born August 25, 2007). Maggie loves watching Gummi Bears Cartoons (thank you, Kum Jacob), taking off her clothes, and playing with her kitchen (and Mommy's kitchen). Susannah enjoys smiling, laughing, sleeping, and nursing. (Thank you, God, one of our kids LIKES to sleep.)

I'll let my husband introduce himself when he gets the chance. As for me, I think I'm 26 (I usually forget). Currently, I'm most occupied with childcare (and now this blog) and housekeeping, though I'm interested in learning to do the latter more efficiently, so I really like FlyLady. Also, I'm getting a huge kick out of taking the bus with my two kids. The big one sits in the stoller and the little one gets strapped to me in my favorite babycare tool: my Ellaroo Wrap. Susannah gets to sleep on me in peace instead of screaming in the carseat and driving us all crazy, and Maggie gets to either stay in the stroller (if she's asleep or the bus is too crowded) or she can climb up next to me on the seat and look out of the window. All in all, it lets me spend more time and mental energy with my kids when we're out and about instead of worrying about driving and parking.

Well, Maggie is now adding massive amounts of freshly ground pepper to her cold plate of eggs from breakfast, so I think that's my cue to go back to active childcare. Please "join in merrymaking" with these two cuties, pardon my ramblings on "life," and enjoy some photos. :)

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