Tuesday, December 4, 2007

"Mommy, sit here!"

This is classic Maggie attire at the moment.

I used to feel bad that I never took pictures of my kids. I let other people do that. But I think it was because I had no outlet for them -- I didn't want them just to sit in a drawer (an actual or virtual drawer) getting old and taking up space. I can now be one of those annoying parents who take 800 photos of their kids first whatever, or, for example, wearing weird clothes (or not wearing clothes), or....


  1. Now I can be an annoying Gramma and say "Did you see the latest blog about my grandkids?" Too bad you didn't do this a few days ago! We could have put it in the Christmas newsletter! Oh well -- there's always next year....
    ~Mom B.

  2. I've already looked at the pictures of these cuties several times. What a great way to share pictures and thoughts! I wish we could hug both Susannah and Maggie long distance! Keep posting!
    Grandma K.

  3. This one is one of my favorites of Maggie.


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