Monday, August 22, 2011

One More Week, Kind Of

The school year is approaching!  Amazingly, I'm looking forward to reclaiming routines.  While in some ways this feels like The First Real Year of School (we actually have a math curriculum this year), in other ways, I've been here before.  I've done Fall.  I have some resources and ideas stashed away (somewhere) and some activities that would be fun to repeat.  (Leaf window art, anyone?)

Lovely books are coming to our house almost daily.  I finally ordered a new calendar for this year.  Fr. Andrew and I have used these for several years and love them.  I didn't order one last year because I was going to try going digital, but it totally destroyed my calendaring abilities!  I entered things in there and then because I am apparently rather visual, it was like they were just gone!  I'd completely forget they existed.  I even tried printing paper calendars from iCal to hang on the wall, but then I was entering info in two places again.  So, paper it is!

I looked at the Ambleside curriculum I'm planning to follow, and to use their week-by-week schedule and be able to take off the weeks where I know school just won't happen (and to avoid having to go too long into next Summer), we actually need to start next week!

So, this week, we need to get the school room cleaned up, for one.  We've been starting to get back into a semblance of a morning routine, and I'd like to continue adding things to that this week, maybe even Math.  (A wise, veteran homeschooling Mom friend of mine once told me not to start everything all at once, but rather to stagger.  Genius!)

I'm a bit worried about how I am possibly going to stick to a school schedule and still get all the household things done.  I'm not good at doing little bits of everything all day long... I do better with big chunks of time.  If I plan to school in the mornings and then assign a household chore to the afternoons, it looks something like this:

  • AM: School
  • PM: Housecleaning and Quick Laundry
  • AM: School
  • PM: Desk (bills and budget, planning, menu, bulletin... this is way too much for one afternoon)
  • AM: School (somewhat shortened?)
  • PM: Groceries (This is not an ideal time. Don't all the sales start on Thursday?)
  • AM: School
  • PM: Baking and other cooking projects (stock, etc.... I wish I could confine this to one day, and one consistent day.  Maybe my kitchen would be less likely to explode that way.)
  • AM: Homeschool Co-op
  • PM: Laundry and Quick Clean
I'm still not sure about this.  The Friday tasks seem like a lot for a day I've spent out of the house.  But I suppose they can be tweaked.  I was going to start doing these this week, but I've already had to be out of the house today (to visit with a moving friend, so it was completely worth it—plus, I just can't stay inside on these perfectly temperate weather days when I know disgusting, cold, Chicago Winter is coming).  I do still have a little time for at least some straightening and maybe some bathroom scrubbing.

I haven't had a housekeeping plan for so long on purpose, and I hope I'm not going down the same route again by trying to make one.  But I do feel like certain things are being missed.  I think I also need some detailed checklists for the tasks that I'm planning to do so that I don't have to stand around scratching my head and reinventing the wheel each week.  But that can wait until I've had a few weeks to practice.

This may be another post where all you veteran homeschooling Moms are guffawing into your elbows, so bare with me.  And come back and comfort me in a few months when I am doing None of the Above.


  1. sounds very do-able- BUT are afternoons good for grocery shopping with kids? I have been going early Saturday mornings with one big girl while Fr. deals with the others and makes breakfast (we have 2 big girls who can babysit if Fr needs to run somewhere) just a thought...

  2. I try my hardest to shop alone. Otherwise, well, you get the idea.

    Good luck with this! You're farther along planning the week than I am. That's what I'm going to be working on this week.

    And I didn't comment earlier, but your school room is looking great!

  3. No, you're both right about the timing of grocery shopping. I just don't know where else to put it. I HAVE to make school the first priority of the day, and I'm not really wanting to use our tiny bit of family time to do it, but I may have to.

    Fr. Andrew had been doing most of our grocery shopping since John was born. However, he recently increased his commute time, so I'll never see him if I don't start doing it... but I'm SO reluctant to go with all the kids. It's doable, but it takes me forever!

    I would intend to somewhat shorten the homeschooling day on the grocery day so that it would be after an early lunch, but it is still not the best.

    Thanks, Mat. Anna—the schoolroom pretty much still looks the same as those photos! And the books keep coming, so I need somewhere to put them!

  4. That would be good to remember, Elizabeth!


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