Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Maintenance Laundry Day: Recovering from laundry paralysis

First Load: Outfits to last until the next available laundry day (I use the laundry on Mon, Wed, and Fri, so my list reflects that):
  • 2 complete outfits per family member (don't do what I did and forget Dad!)
  • 2 pairs underwear per person (add undershirts, etc., as desired)
This is the bare minimum.  I added these optional, but helpful, items:
  • 1 pair pajamas per person
  • 1 swimsuit per person (we're going to the beach—I hope!—at the end of the week)
  • 1 church-worthy ensemble per person (that way I'm not surprised with nothing respectable in their closets if I we can swing Wednesday evening Vespers)
  • a few extra onesies for messy babies
  • as much additional underwear as fits!
Second Load: Towels
  •  Kitchen towels or bath towels—whichever is most dire
Third Load: Sheets
  •   Master bed sheets (unless another bed literally is unfit to be slept in)
This is what I did on Monday.  I read a tip (probably a comment somewhere on Like Mother, Like Daughter) to do the one outfit per person part when you have a mountain of laundry to do.  There are few things more frustrating than spending a good part of one day doing loads and loads of laundry and to wake up the next morning and find that you managed not to actually clean an entire outfit that actually matches!

I plan to sort the rest of it today so that it's all ready to go in the wash tomorrow.  Meanwhile, I'm so relaxed knowing that I have clothes for today and tomorrow!  I may even make my first load tomorrow another one which I know contains enough outfits to get us to Friday.  Or maybe I should just start with the bottom of the basket first.  ;)

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