Wednesday, April 13, 2011

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I love the photography over at Like Mother Like Daughter.  It has seriously helped me to stop lusting (seriously) over magazine photos and decorating blogs full of looks I like but can never have (or at least, not for a while).  It's good to get ideas.  It's not good to despair because my home will never, ever, look like that. 

Leila's photography is filled with little corners of her beautiful things.  Not designer things, just beauty in the form of little bowls, filled vases, flowers, food being prepared. 

An old insulator from those ubiquitous electrical and telephone wire poles in the alleys of Chicago made into a candle holder by my father-in-law.

Yesterday, she invited us to join her.  Tomorrow is the first day.  Thursday.  Plenty of time to figure out what to post.  None of this Monday nonsense.  ;)

So, as an explanation of why this blog has been so quiet lately...

I offer a few shots from our dining room window sill.

Q Day in our home school

I know my shots aren't that clear.  The camera attached to my hand-me-down iPhone goes only so far.  But it's what I've got.  It's quite convenient, since every time I need to charge it, I plug it into my computer, and it magically automatically syncs my photos. (Yes!)

Plus, our real camera was stolen.  Sigh.

I'd like this blog to coexist with me living life, rather than be an escape from it.  I have so many things to write about, but the reality of homeschooling with three children five-and-under means any posts must be short to fit in all that they require. (Which is mainly eating and cleaning up, right?)

This is totally something I can do.



  1. I think your photos are great! Gotta love the iPhone :)

  2. Nice work with the phone camera! and those candle holders are awesome! Thanks for joining.

  3. Totally impressed by the camera phone and I love that candle holder!

  4. Thanks, everyone! Yes, those candle holders are great—they look so nice with a tea light flickering away behind the green glass. :)


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