Thursday, April 28, 2011

{pretty, happy, funny, real} Holy Week, Pascha, Etc.


I bought a couple of potted plants, intending to take one of them to church for our Pascha flower display.  This little stalk of lily of the valley broke off, so it briefly adorned my kitchen icons.  Incidentally, I forgot to take a potted plant to church.  A lot going on that week, no?


The rest (I apologize) are going to have my kids in them.  But these two have a special bond, and their happiness makes me happy. 


This guy loves the cat.  And surprisingly, the cat loves him back.  Opie (the cat) has been recently deprived of his partner in shedding, as we had to put down our other cat Faust.  Faust used to sort of manhandle Opie quite a bit, which perfectly prepared him for John's expressions of love.  Here we have John trying to crawl into the shelf (which used to store my wok) to be with his cat-friend.  According to my five-year-old either of them (when in this position) is "pretending a pot."


My children fell asleep quickly at the Pascha Vigil.  We didn't even make it outside for the procession.

I think next year, I'll do my best to keep them awake for that and then allow them to pass out at will.  This one, at least, was rouse-able for communion.

Not a great shot, but a little perspective on their "church beds."  At least I got to go this year!

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  1. love the pictures! the cat is dear... Christ is Risen!

  2. Beautiful photos :) I don't know how my kiddos do it, but they always stay awake for the entire Paschal service. Our trick is that we don't let them nap and then put them to bed really early. It seems to work well for us. It was sad missing Pascha this year, but I know I'll appreciate it even more next year!


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