Friday, February 4, 2011


I love finding me a new, good blog.  It's almost like finding a new friend.  Or maybe like stalking a new friend, but whatever.  Something clicks.

Allow me to introduce to any of you who are unfamiliar, Oven Love!

I have to admit that I stumbled upon this particular blog when I searched for a recipe for Homemade Spaghetti O's.  I don't even remember having this much as a child, really.  And I didn't like tomato sauce that much, so why would I have had it?

Regardless, recently, my brother recently moved in with us and brought a few bags of dry goods with him.  One little box contained Creamette "rings."  I actually sort of laughed.  Who buys rings?  What do you do with them?  But then I thought of Spaghetti O's.  So I added them to Beef and Slaw Soup.  And then I needed more.

I'm working on my Lenten Menu (can it be so close?), and one of the lunches I had down from last year was Quick Mac and Cheese (which is a genius recipe of my own creation), but unfortunately, my middle child has decided since then that she doesn't like cheese.  Well, she didn't really like cheese then either, but I don't think she realized that "Macaroniandcheese" had cheese in it.  Too bad.

Answer, Spaghetti O's!  (I hope.)

Here is the recipe that looks so simple and promising:

Oven Love's Homemade Spaghetti O's
(Caveat: above recipe has dairy, so may not fit your Lenten needs.)

That is one in a series of homemade convience foods:
Oven Love's Pre-Made Our Way Series

Here's a list of her upcoming posts for the year:
Oven Love's The Great Food Adventure 2011

And finally, some truly hunger-inducing photos and recipes:
Oven Love's Superbowl Friendly Recipes

Prepare to be hungry!  And inspired!


  1. I'm looking forward to more menu ideas for the fast (we go only meatless except for vegan on Wednesday and friday- not too bad)

  2. Well, when I finalize my Lenten menu, I will be sure to post. :) Still mulling it over.

  3. To report back on the Spaghetti O's: YUM! I added a little honey to sweeten things a bit. (Course, I also used a little more milk and a little less cheese, and the cheese was pecorino romano, so more flavorful anyway.) It was a hit (except for the cheese for the 3y.o., which I will administer to individual portions in the future).

  4. We adore Oven Love's homemade Spaghettios! I've made them many, many times. Sometimes I use chicken broth as some of the water, which gives an extra punch...reeeeeally not Lenten though. :) We are cheese lovers, so I also use sharp cheddar cheese. This is so easy and way better than the processed stuff. Alas, two of us recently went gluten-free. I'm not even sure that they make a small gluten-free pasta, but I'm on the lookout!

  5. I made them with spirals recently... not quite the same. I think instead, I'll break up long spaghetti if we're out of other options. You could probably do that with brown rice spaghetti.


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