Friday, February 11, 2011

Good Point

"If you're becoming Orthodox and you're becoming a jerk, you're not doing it right."  Fr. William Christ, Orthodoxy in the Home Online Conference
Dn. Andrew and I enjoyed listening to Illumination Learning's Orthodoxy in the Home Online Conference this evening, and we're looking forward to tomorrow's speakers.

I hope Illumination Learning will make the DVD available to purchase later on because it's going to be a fantastic resource!

Did you have a favorite point this evening?


  1. That is a *very* good point. I'm looking forward to getting the DVD.

  2. I really enjoyed the conference, too. I'm hoping to put together a post some time in the very near future.

    The DVDs are available on the conference site for $15 or $45 if you didn't attend the conference.

  3. I was really stuck by a simple comment that Eva Kokinos said regarding reaching youth and young adults- WE need to be the Christians we want them to be. I think we know this, but how easy it is to loose sight of...

  4. Was she the second speaker on Friday? I really found her talk very practical. Thank you for reminding me of that point. It's something I sort of vaguely come to every now and then on my own, but it was so good to hear it succinctly as part of her talk.


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