Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Somebody is making it difficult for me to write blog entries.

Can you guess which one it might be?  These first two photos are deceiving because the Little One looks happy.

That's more like it!  Actually, he's quite the happy baby.  Loves to smile at everyone.  But he doesn't like to nap for more than thirty minutes at a time.  And interestingly, the length of time he's been doing things this way corresponds to the length of time since my last blog entry.  Huh.

At least he falls asleep quickly.  And he does take four or five naps a day now.  But I got kinda spoiled by him taking usually two one and a half hour naps and one thirty minute nap.  Thirty minutes is not much of a break or much of a chance to get things done. 

Somehow, I feel like I've been really productive since we started homeschooling again after the holidays, though.  We moved to a slightly larger apartment the week before Christmas (it was just upstairs, so don't pity us too much, but it was still rather disruptive), and since we moved, laundry and housecleaning have fallen into place a lot better.  It helps that the kids now have a large playroom upstairs and that most of their toys stay up there (per parental request).  For some reason, I seem to have found a system of laundry that works well for me.  I've also found a system (method? technique? set of expectations?) of homeschooling that I am comfortable with.  I'll write about those things sometime if The Boy ever decides to start napping.

But right now, I think he's just soiled his diaper.  Such a cute little interruption, though.  Well, not the soiling part.  But he's a cute Little Boy.


  1. sounds like things are pretty good for you right now! enjoy each season, we only get them once... (so my Mother always has told me...) :)

  2. What cuties you have! I have forced myself, through a housekeeping schedule, to get my life organized. Being pregnant and really sick completely threw me off track. I'm glad that you've found a rhythm as well. It is difficult to find a rhythm with young children, but is helps everyone when you can. Although, it will probably have to be continually altered to fit the needs of your children. But that is what makes having children such a blast- never a dull moment :)

  3. Oh he is so cute, Patty! I am happy for you - for your bigger apartment and for your new routine. Isn't it amazing how satisfying it is to create some semblance of rythm in one's home? Peace to you and your adorable family!

  4. I've started homeschooling my preschooler, using a lot of ideas I've gotten from you (thanks!). I've been surprised how fun it is, and it's a nice way to start the day.

    Glad you're enjoying your new little one. :)

  5. Funny, but I was in a complaining mood when I wrote this. Boohoo, I don't have time to write. When all of you reminded me that things are good! :) And they are!

    Laura, I'm glad you're enjoying homeschooling! It's a challenge to figure out what do to start out (it was for me anyway), but it's fun to have that kind of interaction with your kids, isn't it?

  6. Enjoy every minute with him -- he's so precious. :-)


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