Saturday, January 1, 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Our tree and front window with stockings hung by the windows (no chimney) with care.

A view from that window: Most definitely a white Christmas!

Our hodgepodge tree.  The kids and Dad decorated while I cooked the traditional Christmas coffee cake.  I don't think I have pictures of that, though!  Maybe on my phone?

[coffee cake photo here!!]

One of our Nativity scenes.  Baby Jesus has arrived!

Our Christmas card display. I know it sort of looks like a pile stuck to the wall, but this is where I display birthday and other seasonal or Thank You cards throughout the year, so I love to switch it over to Christmas at this time of year!  I used to dread Christmas cards because it reminded me that I never get around to sending them.  Thanks to my dear husband who now takes care of this, I can enjoy each card and know that we've reciprocated!  What would I do without you, My Dear?

My shy princess.

My boy.  With his new musical toy.

My not-so-shy-any-more princess.

There's that lovely smile.  :)

Finally, a use for the neglected Boppy pillow. (Opie is the orange kitty, and Faust is the Siamese or Himalayan or whatever he is.) 

My first roast duck.  It was a success!

Some of the rest of the feast.

The girls at dinner—I think Maggie's going to eat that whole plate of potatoes.

Still sleeping, although they seem to have shifted positions.

A multi-generational Christmas trip downtown later in the week (included grandparents, kids, uncle, parents).  I think you can see my reflection taking the picture in the El window.

The Daley Plaza Christmas tree as seen through whatever that weird piece of Chicago art is.

Another view.  Some years they have piled many little trees, but this year it was a single giant tree!

Me and my boy in our favorite coat made to go around a baby in a carrier.  The monkey hat was a gift from his Aunt/godmamma.

This is the family photo where the average of the sum total of our expressions comes out at "fairly pleasant."  

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us!


  1. Well, if Facebook ever gets around to uploading my Christmas Coffee Cake photo from my phone, I'll update this post!

  2. Beautiful! Christ is Born! have a wonderful new year!

  3. Found your blog through someone else. I really had to wow at the snow in one of the pictures. I am so glad Virginia does not get that much snow.


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