Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Revisiting Seven

Since having Number Three join us, along with massive amounts of diapers, quickly rotating clothing stores (and nowhere to store it), and a lack of time for toy pick-up, I've been feeling completely choked by the piles everywhere.  Last week (when I was supposed to be packing for a visit to the grandparents), I went a little nuts and scooped up several of the piles into bags and stored them in the basement.  Just because I haven't made the final decision to get rid of this stuff, doesn't mean I need to live with it all in my house sine I have the use of a basement!

Earlier this year, I read an article containing a list of seven areas to address in your house and life that would make a big difference in your feeling organized in daily life.  It's just a filler Yahoo! article and not rocket science or a magic formula, but they are all things that need (or needed) doing in my house.  (Or as my Ohio relatives would say, "things that need done.")

Looking back at my original post, it looks sort of like I planned to get all of those things done in a week (days after birthing a baby, no less).  The article suggested this, but that was by no means my intention since I'd just had a baby.  I was simply referring to the tasks by the day on which the article suggested doing them.  And I haven't thought about it twice since!

Well, I haven't thought about the list or the post or the article.  The tasks, however, have been getting chipped away at for a few weeks now on their own—including The Great Basement Banishment of 2010.  Anyway, that's what I liked about the article: Everything was something I'd been meaning to get to.

I began the Tuesday Task of addressing my kitchen cabinets a couple of weeks ago.  I learned that it is not a good idea to pull everything out of your cabinets when you A) have to get dinner on the table, and B) have no one to watch your newborn.  But the spice cabinet is a seriously different place since I started.  I'd like to attack all the cabinets in this manner.  Maybe I'll post photos when I complete this task.  (Said spice cabinet is simply serene.)

The Thursday Task is supposed to be organizing the linen closet, which we don't have.  But we do have a couple of cabinets in our dining room set that store towels, and I have been reorganizing them a bit.

The bathroom (Friday's Task) hasn't really been touched.  Or has it?  I did massively declutter the bath toys, since my girls currently prefer to bring princess toys with them into the bath and just dump the baskets of toys to make room for their highnesses.

As for drafting the family to cover Saturday's Task, I recently stumbled upon a customizable chore chart for preschoolers at SimpleMom with suggestions for how to use it with an allowance system.  Scroll down about halfway to find the chart.  And while you're there, download everything else on the page.  It's all so useful.  And so free.

So, while I will most likely spend the next few weeks at the beach, and then jump into homeschooling (for reals, yo!), I'd like to be able to finish out some of these tasks and complete the list!  Here's to accountability!


  1. I need to do more and more organizing too... I am being ruthless lately with my books and hope to sell more of them eventually! :)

  2. Ruthless! That's how I felt the other day, tossing things into the basement. I keep adding to it, too. We have quite a lot of stuff down there. I'm glad I've started putting stuff down there, though. It's a first step to getting rid of it. When I see something every day, I tend to think I need it. If I put it in the basement and don't use it for months on end, I imagine it will be easier to get rid of it for good!


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