Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's Still Summer Here!

Can you guess what we've been up to?

We have just discovered the beach.

You don't necessarily think "beach" when you think "Chicago," do you?  There happen to be quite a few nice ones along the lake.

 Nice little waves to make my kids giggle (and not scare them)....

 Plenty of sand to keep little ones and little princesses occupied (and covered) for hours....

A hot dog stand—well, "beach house"—that offers other things too!

All Mama has to do is sit back (or wade in), watch the big kids, and nurse the little one.  (Well, aside from putting up with all the screaming on the way there and the way back....)

We all felt like this at the end of the day.

But we're going back soon!  (First, must do some laundry and various household chores... and make sure we have some supper plans in place next time.)  But I think, partially to make up for the kids spending most of their Summer indoors this year (blame Baby John), and partially because it's just so darn gorgeous and pleasant to be a beach bum, we'll be back there as many days as we can until Labor Day!

Feel free to join us if you're in the area!


  1. you can still go after labor day!!!

  2. Hmmm... are the beaches still open after Labor Day? The water part? I didn't even check. Let me do that now....

  3. Looks like Labor Day is it for swimming, but I suppose we could still play in the sand!

  4. Looks heavenly!

    And that's such a sweet, sweet picture of your baby nursing!


  5. Matushka Anna, I'm going to assume that the above comment was from you signed in as your husband? :)

    Although, a Daddy of five might also recognize a nursing picture. ;)

    All the photos were taken on my silly little flip phone. Next time I need to bring a real camera!

  6. These pictures are lovely- I love the one with the baby. So precious!


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