Thursday, April 29, 2010

Freezer Organization!

Do you know what this is?

This is a simplified freezer.

Bread, OJ (if we had any), and some veggie purees in the door. A tub of frozen veggies and one for frozen fruit next to some leftovers and ice cream on the top shelf. Ice cubes, meat to be used in the next week's meals, an ongoing "chicken parts for soup" bag, some broth, and some other recipe-ready ingredients on the bottom shelf.

Anything to be saved for next week's menu is in our basement freezer. We also have lots more broth, bread, and some other miscellaneous ingredients (yet to be placed in a menu) down there.

The entire contents of both freezers fit in my upstairs freezer. However, I found it frustrating that I couldn't really organize (and thus, couldn't find) anything with all of it stuffed in the one freezer. With our foray into using a set weekly menu, I found it so easy to figure out what I need to have upstairs, and what can be downstairs. I think when I put away the weeks' groceries will be a good time to rotate things upstairs from down.

I get such a rush looking at that simplified freezer!


  1. Patty, I am beyond impressed! Good for you! I am sure it feels amazing to have your meals (and freezer) organized. It's the little things, little victories, that bring us energy and joy as mamas! : )

  2. Thanks! You're right: little victories over clutter and disorganization give us hope to take on more!


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