Sunday, May 29, 2011


Congratulations, Dear!  You've been preparing for this since before I met you.  Thank you for letting me share this journey with you. 

Axios!  Mustahek!  He is worthy!

(As a side note, the girls now want to call him "Father Daddy.")


  1. Many Years!!! What a very special and joyous occasion!

  2. Axios!

    What's it like to be a Khouria??

    And I believe when our deacon was ordained, his daughters began calling him "Deacon Daddy". :)

    May God bless you all...

  3. Axioi! (We've had some "Father Daddy" incidents in our household as well.)

  4. Thank you for all the well-wishes!

    Annie, I'll get back to you in a year on that one. That's how long it took me to realize I was a Shamassy. ;)

  5. Father Daddy, love it!

    In other news, I passed the Versatile Blog Award on to you! Stop by and pick it up! Happy blogging :).

  6. you are a khouria or Albanian: Prifteresha
    Arabic: Khouria (from the word khoury, meaning "priest")
    Carpatho-Russian: Pani (literally "lady," comparable to Pan for priests, meaning "lord")
    Finnish: Ruustinna (from the word rovasti (protoiereos), in Karelia: Maatuska)
    Old Icelandic: Prestkona ("priest's woman")
    Romanian: Preoteasa
    Russian: Matushka (pronounced MAH'-too-shkah, literally means "mama," i.e., the intimate form of "mother"; more common in "diaspora" Russian traditions than within Russia itself)
    Serbian: Popadija (from the word pop, meaning married priest); Protinica (pronounced proh-tee-NEE'-tsah) for a protopresbyter's wife
    Ukrainian: Panimatka or Panimatushka (pani, "lady" + matushka, "little mama"); Dobrodijka (pronounced doh-BROH-deey-kah, literally means "a woman who does good"); Popadya ("priest's wife")

    Axios! Congratulations!

  7. Thank you for the list, Andreea Tatiana! I'm collecting all the titles I can remember. I love languages and since we English speakers don't have our own term for "priest's wife," I'm completely intrigued by the many words other languages employ!


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